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Distraction Arthrodesis

DIANA Implantat


The SI-Fusion system utilizes the distraction-interposition method to provide a simple and safe fusion technique for the sacroiliac joint.  Reproducible placement of the Titanium Interference-Screw is achieved using sequential instrumentation with ligamentotaxis stabilizing the joint during the fusion process.

The unique, but intuitive design of the clinically-proven technique and instrumentation keeps the procedure ‘in the safe zone’ and greatly reduces the risk of the complications that have been associated with traditional fusion techniques.  The color-coded instrumentation and implants together with the simple, step-wise technique reduces the learning curve and may reduce the risk of complications. Through the unique surgical approach, preparation of the extra-articular recess and generous grafting it is possible to optimize the environment for a successful fusion.

The application-specific design of the implant provides structural support for stability while facilitating fusion.  A range of implant sizes is available to accommodate anatomical differences.


The system is indicated for painful sacroiliac joint requiring surgical stabilization by bone grafting and internal fixation as caused by

  • Sacroiliac Joint degeneration
  • Injury or fall
  • Previous back surgery that causes additional stress on the SI-Joint

Specific Advantages:

  • Implant Geometry
  • Conical design to optimize stability
  • Self cutting thread
  • Hollow and fenestrated to support fusion

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